Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Baby Blue and Blocks for Baby Boy

As I wait for my cake to bake, I will take this time to, I have to keep up with my friend Christine. She's the one who convinced me to start a blog in the first place and has started one of her own called "Feed My Sole" inspiring the soul from the 'inside-out' with food and fashion.  You should check it out and follow her too. 

On April 18, my cousin Rachel and her husband Paul had a baby shower for their very first child.  They were inquiring about my cakes so I decided to make one for them to welcome their new addition. The design was based on their hand-made invitation, so no sketches were really required for this one....but unfortunately I cannot find the invitation to show you...

I started this design off by first creating a template in the shape of a shirt. The invitation had a blue baby shirt that opened up and had the baby's name, so I made this the main part of the cake. I then cut out the Chocolate cake using the template before I frosted and put it in the refrigerator to set.
With the excess cake, I cut 3-inch squares to create three blocks. I had to pop out my ruler for this part in order to get the blocks as symmetrical and even as possible.  I frosted each layer before crumb coating the whole thing and covering them in chocolate fondant.
While the blocks were chilling in the refrigerator, I moved on to work on the "shirt".  I used a chocolate fondant that I tinted light blue to cover that cake.  
The extra fondant was cut, gathered, then rolled out again to use for the next layer of the shirt. I free-handed this part to replicate the way the shirt opens up on the invitation.

I then added little bows, stitch details, and a yellow border around the whole shirt to make the cake pop.  Adding the details to a cake is my favorite part....what usually happens is I get so wrapped up in creating the details that I forget to take pictures, so there is a lot of the process that was skipped with this one. oops.  
 I covered the three blocks in different colors...light green, light blue, and yellow. Each block had a lower case letter (m, c, and p) to represent the baby's initials.  

For the final details, I added the white baby bear from the invitation and a tag to the shirt.  I also included a baby bottle and a onesie where I added a congratulatory message for the parents-to-be.
This cake gave me no problems during delivery and they loved it. Someone also brought a lovely red velvet cake from Porto's which I was ready to taste for myself.
My favorite pictures are of the cut cake where the inside is exposed...
  A kid wanted a whole block to himself, but Rachel thought otherwise and cut him only one-third.
Rachel gave birth to a 6 lb 2.5oz baby boy named Michael Conrad Pascual on May 9, 2010. Congratulations to the proud new parents!

~Abs of Cakes~
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