Friday, April 12, 2013

from "Aspiring" to "Actual"...

Greetings from New York! I made it! Dreams are coming true and I am ready for this new chapter in my life and in my career. Come July 9th of this year, I will be able to proudly call myself an ACTUAL Pastry Chef that specializes in Cake Design. I will no longer have to explain to clients which Pastry School I "didn't go to" and I'll get to eliminate the word "aspiring" from my blog profile. I'm on my way to setting a strong legit foundation for my career as the "Abs of Cakes".

Watching the sun come out during my flight to the East Coast was a very symbolic moment in my new journey.
Just this morning, I completed Orientation with my fellow classmates for the International Culinary Center (founded as The French Culinary Institute, or FCI). Classes will start on say I'm excited would be an understatement. Since arriving in the East Coast, I have had many reminders that this is where I belong, and that I'm headed in the right direction.

The journey getting here was not easy however. This dream did not happen manifested. It involved a lot of effort, patience, tears, stress, and faith. But it began as a simple idea. 

I wrote this down in a journal right after I graduated college and before I started my first job as an Interior Designer. Even before testing my skills as a Cake Decorator, I've already had a passion and interest in Pastry Arts.
During my last visit to NYC in September 2011, I posted these images on my Instagram...

Just last year, I had the honor of sharing my passion with my friend and fellow blogger, Cheryl Samson. She began a blog called "Pursue Your Passion" where she interviews inspiring individuals. I encourage you to check it out and read about these amazing people and their stories. You can find my story there as well ;) Just click on the pic below.

As I have reiterated in many other blog posts, "Design is a Process". Likewise, our lives go through a natural process that get us to where we are today. Nothing important is ever accidental. That's the thing about gotta chase them and hold them hostage.

Many moons later, here I a Starbucks in SoHo...with my new chef's uniforms next to me...typing away as I share my Dreams with you...feeling like a Culinary Carrie Bradshaw. 

On display at L'Ecole, created by students of the Cake Techniques and Design Program.

I look forward to what this new journey has to offer, and I'm ready to embrace every. single. delicious. moment. I'll do my best to take you with me on this amazing adventure, so stay posted. 

~Abs of Cakes...and the City~ 
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