Monday, April 16, 2012

Social Networking

I realize I've been holding out on all my readers. It's been over 6 months since my last post...the longest I've gone without sharing my cake creations. So you can imagine all the fun projects I've been working on. 

A few days after my last post back in November 2011, I was hired to work at a Bakery in Los Angeles called Sweet E's the Mini Bake Shop. This means I get to work with cakes and sweet treats just about EVERY DAY! And I'm learning so much! But it also means that I have less time to update 

Luckily, we live in an age of Social Networking which makes it so easy to share the daily musings of our busy lives. My guilty pleasure and addiction is Instagram (IG). Not only can I share my creations, but I love getting inspired by other Instagrammer's photos. Viewing the world from other people's point of view is absolutely beautiful, and I've made a few friends that I've never met through it. 

I am also on Twitter, where most of my IG photos are shared....but I actually mostly tweet about anything Lakers related, so if you're a fan and into that, then feel free to follow me ;)

So here's the low down:

Instagram: @aLodevico, check out #absofcakes 
(Don't have Instagram? You can view my feed through this link:
Twitter: @absofcakes, feel free to tag any of my cakes with #absofcakes
Facebook: I have not created a FB Page yet. Maybe in due time. I'm still not ready. Sorry.
Flickr: a work in progress. stay tuned.

You didn't think I would update my post without sharing some pictures did you? I didn't think so...Here you go...

Mini Vanilla Raspberry Cream Cupcakes

Hot Chocolate Mini Cupcakes
Twig & Willow (Long Beach) Launch Party and 2nd Anniversary
Nike True Blues Cake for Zeph Jr.'s 10th Birthday
Isaiah's Pirates of the Caribbean Cake
Charina's 18th Birthday Cake...exactly 18 Gumpaste Plumerias.
Holiday Cupcakes for The Boys & Girls Club of the South Bay.
Sports Balls Cake Pops
Owl Baby Shower Cake.
Hotel Maya Photoshoot with Oh, Love Struck Event Design and Styling
Kahana Bear's First Birthday Cake
Cute Puppy Cupcake Toppers
Happy Spring 2012
Easter Poop!
Minnie Mouse and Hello Kitty Cupcake Toppers
Star Wars Cake for Hannah's 7th Birthday.
April Cherry Blossoms Cake.....look familiar? ;)
All the images you've seen are creations I've worked one since my last post, both from my own orders and from the Bakery I work at. As you can see, all the challenges are different and unique in their own way. THAT'S what makes this fun!

Hope you enjoyed. Please follow me and stay posted for anything new. Thanks for stopping by.

~Abs of Cakes~

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