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Abs has been told to have a “very ecclectic taste” allowing her to be flexible with various cake designs to fi t her client’s requests and providing a memorable cake to enhance their celebration. She avoids doing any of the same cake twice, making each one unique and special. Through flavors and artistry, the Abs of Cakes hopes to provide you with creations of inspiration. 

If you are interested in ordering Abs of Cakes creation (or just say "hello"), please feel free to send an email message.

To help determine the price of your custom cake creation, here are a few things Abs needs to know from you:
  • What are you celebrating?
  • What is the Time and Date of your special occasion? 
  • How many people are you trying to feed (# of servings)?
  • Do you have a theme for your party or a design idea in mind?
  • What flavor(s) would you like?
  • Where is the party location?
  • What is the name of the celebrant?
  • Do you have a budget?
I believe everyone deserves to have a memorable cake to celebrate their special moment! I am willing to work with you to provide you with your very own inspiring treats...Hope to hear from you soon.  ~Abs of Cakes~

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