Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Flavor Flaaaaaav!

Halloween is tomorrow. Still stumped on what to dress as? Need some inspiration? Well, I don't exactly have costume ideas, but I do have some cakes that we "dressed up"...feel free to use one for your last minute costume. 

At the ICC, we were assigned to create a "Russian Doll" Cake, also known as know, those hollowed out dolls that open up and fits inside itself, each one smaller than the next. They come in various colors and designs. Hey, maybe you can dress up as a Babushka! 

For our cakes, we had to use the basic shape of a Babushka, but could choose any theme or "costume" to dress them in. Some of my classmates stuck with a traditional Babushka, others chose celebrity figures. Originally, I was going to create a maneki neko because I just love them so much! But it seemed too simple; I opted to go a different direction...something more challenging perhaps controversial, definitely brow raising.
I chose to do our favorite Public Enemy...FLAVOR FLAV! Yeah boyyyyy!!!
This cake exercise was to teach us stacking and carving cakes. I wanted to challenge myself creatively because in reality, who would ever order a Flavor Flav cake? It is however an attention grabber. It was a time to explore possibilities that are not always available to me in the real world of cake design, out of left field, non-traditional...and if it didn't go well it's one is paying me for this, so why not have fun with it? I seized this opportunity as a creative thinker. 
This is the template we used for the basic babushka shape.
The steps that came after stacking, carving, and frosting went to fast that I didn't have a chance to snap any pics of each step. So here's a list of what each component is made of. 

I hope this inspired you for tomorrow's Halloween festivities! If not, I hope it at least inspired you in the possibilities of cake design! 

~Abs of Cakes~

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