Friday, February 7, 2014

Three Little Birds...

Rise up this mornin'
Smile with the risin' sun
Three little birds
Pitch by my doorstep...
Inspiration can be found just about a piece of art, a color, your favorite book, your favorite television show, and in this case, a song lyric. For a group project, we were assigned a "birdhouse topsy turvy" cake. I had the honor of working with my classmate Cheyenne from Trinidad, an island in the Caribbean. Between my love for reggae music, her culture, and the idea of a birdhouse, BOB MARLEY and his beloved song "Three Little Birds" immediately came to mind and became the inspiration for this colorful cake. 

Since this cake would appear to be topsy turvy, there was a bit of sculpting involved to achieve this illusion. Here's what the cake layer looked like before covering, stacking, and decorating. 

A few elements of the cake had to be made in advance to allow to set. Of course, what's a birdhouse without birds? Staying true to the song lyrics, there had to be THREE little birds....and they had to be pitched by the doorstep. Due to some logistical issues, a few adjustments were made from the drawing to the final design. Red, Gold, and Green were inevitable color choices for each bird and this whole cake. 

The birdhouse itself was made out of pastillage which was later airbrushed in red. The roof of the house was made out of modelling chocolate. And the layers of cake were covered in fondant. 

There are various ways to create the roofing. We were inspired by Bob Marley's infamous dreadlocks. Rather than creating horizontal shingles, we used modelling chocolate as panels that went vertically in different lengths to give it that hair-like quality.

...gonna BEE alright...

Every little thing is....
The lyrics of this song are just so bright and happy, and shows the spirit of this cake...they had to be included in the design.

Myself and my cake partner, Cheyenne from Trinidad
Although this cake was made as an exercise for school, I would love to recreate a cake like this for someone's special celebration or just to brighten up someone's day. I hope it inspired you. 

In honor of Bob Marley week, I dedicate this post to the legend who continues to inspire generations through his life and music even long after his passing. Thank you!

~Abs of Cakes~  

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