Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Noble Ninja or Ninjette?

Welcome 2013!!!

With this new year comes new beginnings for many people and I'm happy that I'm able to be part of their milestone moments as their cake maker. I can name at least seven women who are either pregnant or have recently given birth. So many families are growing and a new generation is entering our young world. 

For the Nobles, they are excited and proud to become parents for the first time. I had the privilege of making their wedding cake last June, and I was honored when they trusted me to make the cake for their baby's gender revealing. 

Daniel and Kimmie Noble, the parents-to-be

Our first conversation went a little like this...

This wasn't just any ordinary cake order! I would be the FIRST and ONLY person to know the gender of their first child (besides their physician of course). Kimmie and Daniel wanted to find out the gender the same time as their family and close friends, which added pressure on me to get this cake order just right! 

My preliminary sketches

Did you notice that there's one "boy" eye and one "girl" eye on the ninja cake?
For gender revealing parties, people will usually cut into the cake to "reveal" if they are having a boy or a girl. (A blue cake means they are having a boy, and a pink cake for a girl). Instead, Kimmie and Daniel decided to bite into their own personal ninja and ninjette cake pops for their revealing.

So, what are they having, you ask? Well, here's a video (and countdown) to find out....

As Kimmie and Daniel bit into their cake pops, here is what they saw...

What an exciting way to start the New Year! Congratulations Kimmie and Daniel! Your baby girl is already so loved...you two will make amazing parents. I can't wait to be part of more of your milestone moments. 

~Abs of Cakes~


  1. I love gender reveals! Soo fun! Love how you made the ninja and ninjette!

  2. Thanks again Abs!!! Had so much fun that night!

  3. Such a special moment!


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